Coopers Ginger Beer

Alcoholic Ginger BeerThe Coopers Ginger Beer is a traditional flavoured beer with a slight hint of spice as well as a bit of a bite. This is one of the best beers to quench that thirst on a hot day and really does go down a treat. If you’re into a sweeter beer or like the taste of ginger drinks then this is a beer prefect for you.

Brew Preference

This ginger beer can be brewed to be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic depending on your preference.

If you want an alcoholic version then you can add 1kg of just raw sugar (You can try a different sugar for a different result) this amount of sugar will give you an alcohol content of 3.5%. Adding more sugar will allow you to make a stronger beer but will also alter the taste.

If you are after a non-alcoholic beer then just use 115g of white sugar and follow the same brewing steps.

The Taste

This ginger beer is one of the best ginger brews on the market, it perfectly balances the amount of ginger and sweetness. If you really do love the taste of ginger then you should put a little more ginger in when you are preparing the brew for the fermenting stage. This will give it a much more distinct flavour and like any other home brew you can use different techniques and additions to give it a more unique flavour.

There is one thing I am really surprised with this beer and that is how much better it is than the store bought ginger beers. This really does have the authentic ginger beer taste rather than a lot of those in the bottle shops that are ginger flavored wine marketed as ginger beer.

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