Coopers Home Brewing Equipment

Coopers home brewing equipment is some of the finest quality home brewing equipment you are able to get to date. Even if you’re not using the coopers microbrewery kit you are still able to use all these products with other home brewing equipment.

Beer Hydrometer

Coopers HydrometerA hydrometer measures density of liquid and has multiple uses in beer making.

This can be used to determine the alcohol content, starting gravity and is instrumental in determining when the fermentation is complete.

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Coopers PET Bottles

Coopers PET Bottles

The Coopers PET bottles hold 740ml (25 ounces) and are sold in packs of 15.

Each pack will bottle 3 gallons of beer. These are reusable, lightweight and shatterproof. These include a package of 15 caps.

To bottle 1 batch of brew you will need two lots. (30 in total)

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Coopers PET Caps

Coopers PET capsThe Coopers PET Caps are great for use on plastic bottles.

These caps are great for use in home brewing.

These caps come in bags of 30 and can be reused.

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Coopers Sanitiser

Coopers sanitiserThis sanitiser contains Sodium Percarbonate, an enviromentally friendly cleaner/sanitiser for home beer making equipment.

This is as effective chlorine bleach, without the problematic residue of bleach

Sodium percarbonate simply dissolves into water so there isn’t a huge amount to worry about.

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Coopers Brewers Yeast

Coopers Brewers YeastThe Coopers Brewers Yeast produces a balanced flavour profile and has a very strong flocculation characteristics.

Under the normal fermentation conditions its use will result in a clean, rounded flavour profile comparable to commercially produced beers.

The Coopers brewers Yeast is a perfect yeast for any of your home brewing needs.

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