The Coopers Microbrewery Kit

Coopers Microbrewery KitThe Coopers Microbrewery kit is one of the easiest home brewing kits to use in the world and is made from the finest ingredients and each product is the best that can be sourced. Coopers Microbrewery kit is the biggest selling kit in the world with thousands home brewing in hundreds of different countries.

If you’re looking at getting into home brewing and aren’t exactly sure where to start the Coopers Microbrewery kit is the perfect place to start with only 4 simple steps to produce some of the finest brews known to man. Your friends will be very impressed by the final product of this microbrewery kit.

If that’s not good enough then the Coopers Microbrewery is also one of the cheapest home brewing kits in the world with enough gear to start home brewing straight away.


Home brewing really couldn’t be simpler!

The Coopers Beer Kit Steps

Here are 4 Simple steps to producing a awesome brew:

  • Step 1 – MIX
    • Mix the beer kit concentrate, sugar and warm water
      • Step 2 – BREW
        • Add  the yeast and ferment for 7 days.
          • Step 3 – BOTTLING
            • Bottle the brew, add carbonation drops, then store until ready
              • Step 4 – ENJOY!

The Following is included in the kit:

  • 1, Plastic 30 litter fermenter with lid (and o ring), makes 23 litters (6 Gallons)
  • 1, Hydrometer
  • 1, Sediment Reducer
  • 1, Plastic Spoon
  • 1, “Little Bottler” tube and bottling valve
  • 1, Tap
  • 1, Airlock
  • 1, Airlock grommet
  • 1, Thermometer
  • 30, 740ml PET bottles and caps
  • 1, Instruction booklet
  • 1, Instructional DVD
  • 1, Cooper’s Lager Beer Kit Package – which includes:
  • 1, 1.7kg Coopers Lager Beer Kit Concentrate with yeast
  • 1, 1 kg Coopers Brewing Sugar
  • 1, Bag of Carbonation drops

The Coopers Microbrewery kit allows for up to 23 litres of fine home brew. Once you have made one brew all the equipment is re-useable and you are able to keep brewing beer for many years to come.

Coopers uses concentrates and fine quality of sugars to get the good outcome for home brewing. You can check out a full range of home brewing concentrates and sugars here.

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