Home Brewing is the fastest growing hobby in the world

You can brew 3 cartons of imported premium beer for less than $20!

About Coopers

Coopers is a South Australian brewery started off by Thomas Cooper in 1862 in his home at Norwood. Later in 1881 they relocated to a larger commercial facility at Leabrook. Then finally in 2001 they moved to Regency Park.

Coopers is well known for its bottled beers which are characterised by their secondary fermentation technique. There is some yeast which remains in the bottle after the bottling is finished.  This leaves a small amount of sediment in the beer.  Some people like to drink the sediment while others will decant the beer leaving majority of the sediment in the bottle.

Coopers has been known to produce very high quality beers and which one of the most famous is the sparkling ale. Coopers is also one of the largest suppliers in the world for home brewing equipment and supplies offering only the finest to customers around the globe.

Home Brewing Range

Coopers has a huge range of home brewing gear and supplies.

If you’re looking at getting into home brewing then Coopers is the way to go.
Coopers currently offers the following:

Coopers Concentrates

Coopers Equipment

Coopers Sugar Range

Coopers Malt Range


If you enjoy drinking beer and looking about getting into home brewing then a microbrewery kit such as the coopers might be the prefect choice for you.

Did you know ?

You can make the equivalent of 3 cartons of imported premium beer for less than $20!

…or something like this:

Home Brewing is a natural process with no chemicals or preservatives.

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